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Customers say....

- Best balsamic vinegar I have ever had! Mellisa, MA.

- A pantry is incomplete, unless you keep valencia orange grapeseed oil in stock. Robin, CT

- Absolute fabulous stuff. Just found out about it!! Harriet, CT

-I was recently introduced to your products & I can't wait to try all of them!! Won't use any other balsamic vinegars or oils EVER!!! Santa will be leaving your products for Christmas this year!!  Maryann, Waterbury CT

-OMG! the Palatine Cheeses are fabulous! must try the Green Olive and Garlic ! Seamus, Watertown CT

-   The Garlic Infused Grapeseed oil is my new go to for all things savory!  James, Bethlehem CT

- Lemon infused Olive Oil is absoulty delectable, Im buying a whole case right now...  Rachel, Roxbury CT

  - Great holiday time saver, your Gift Bag Samplers are my new secret gift giving cheat, everyone loves them, there already wrapped and ready to go, the Balsamic Condimenti Vinegar is still my favorite.... Joe, Amenia NY

-I tried some of your wonderful chocolate balsamic condimenti (I had never heard of such a thing) at the Hartford Flower Show last week. I bought a bottle to bring home and have enjoyed it every day since. Especially on sliced bananas.......yum!! :) Keep up the good work!......Donna D, Amston, CT



Salads and Side Dish Recipes

A lighter yet very tasty Ranch Dressing that is a snap to make!

with Garlic, Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oils

with Tangerine & Garlic Infused Olive Oils

with Raspberry Balsamic Condimenti

with Lime Infused Balsamic Condimenti

with Valencia Orange Grapeseed Oil & White Balsamic Vinegar

with Balsamic Condimenti & Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Featuring a Fig-Infused Balsamic Vinaigrette.

With Rosemary, Butter & Mushroom Sage Infused Olive Oils

With our Award-Winning Balsamic Condimenti

with Lemon & Tangerine Infused Olive Oils

with Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil & White Balsamic Vinegar

with Delavignes Balsamic Vinegar Condimenti

with Raspberry Blasamic Vinegar Condimenti

With White Balsamic Vinegar and Regional Extra Virgin

With Hot Pepper & Tangerine Infused Olive Oils

with Strawberry-Basil Dressing

with Basil Infused Olive Oil & Strawberry Balsamic Condimenti

with Lemon Infused Olive Oil

with Mediterranean Vinaigrette

with Lemon & Garlic Infused Olive Oils

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Flavor of the Month!

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar Condimenti

Chipotle Infused Olive Oil

Garlic Infused Grapeseed Oil

Quick Tip:
Drizzle a little Delavignes Lemon Infused Olive Oil with an optional splash of White Balsamic Vinegar for a quick Salad Dressing.
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